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Safer, stronger, smarter infrastructure

Previously operating as FDH Infrastructure Services, Predictant is born from more than three decades of experience and expertise in infrastructure engineering, testing and services.

Our continued mission: to make the world’s critical infrastructure safer, stronger and smarter. We’ve been key enablers in the move from reactive to scheduled infrastructure maintenance.

And today, we are heralding the next generation for the industry with predictive maintenance, via our data-driven hardware, software and expertise.

Predictive maintenance across industries

  • Telecommunications
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Wind
  • Oil and Gas
  • Buildings

Our offering

Mitigating structural risk, enhancing asset value and lifespan, and minimizing operational costs have never been more important. But when data is siloed and only a small fraction of assets are tested, problems are only identified as they happen.

Predictant’s solutions offer a better way. Combining automated, accurate Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) data, we collect, analyze and inform through machine learning and engineering expertise.

Asset lifespan can be accurately measured and problems identified in advance, delivered by our intelligent, predictive, material-agnostic wave technologies that map infrastructure portfolios in their entirety – in real time.

Foundation iQ

Enhanced foundation NDT solution, using material-agnostic impact echo dispersal wave technology to map entire below-ground structures for precise measurements and material strength integrity. The end of multi-vendor, multi-tool deployment, excavation efforts and lost historical records during asset sales and purchases.

Bolt iQ

Highly accurate bolt tension inspection, delivering greater data specificity in a faster testing time, via our cloud connected handheld IoT tool. Intuitive and fast, the tool uses proprietary bi-wave technology to deliver more efficient operations for assessing structural bolts, including steel.

Structure iO

Real-time, perpetual monitoring for tower infrastructure, applicable to a wide range of structures without the need for customization. Remote, sensor-led SHM delivers highly accurate information, backed by cloud data collection and actionable analysis.

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